A Trusted & Strategic Risk, Governance and Change Management Authority

Expertise in risk integration and governance to enable improved results

Who we are

We specialise in optimising your management improvement strategies by integrating governance, risk management and assurance disciplines in your organistional practice, learning and development.

We do this by providing strategic advisory, coaching and learning programs to improve, prioritise and streamline your organisation's focus on the 'things that matter' to you, your stakeholders and customers. 
We provide 'value add' awareness, health checks, learning and development opportunities to benefit your executive teams to effect better risk integration and also consider motivational management approaches to get you results.

Ultimately, we aim to be your trusted advisor of choice by providing timely, objective and quality services to effect business integration, rather than through silo thinking. 

New Gen Consulting

Our goal is the same as our Clients. 

We provide what is required in today’s business climate – added value, simplicity, practicality and integrated governance, risk & change management approaches to reduce the impact of complexity and information overload in your organisation. It’s all about optimised strategic guidance and learning opportunities for organisations, teams and individuals to improve their results.

Based in Melbourne and servicing Australia, we are an advisor, consultant and thought leader specialising in governance, risk, project & change management techniques and facilitation to enable better focused organisational business strategies, decisions, projects, operations and people learning & development. Taking the time to understand our clients, we look at where you’re at, where you would like to be and assess the best way to get there. 
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We don’t just focus on the technical tools in isolation, we will tailor practical, cutting edge solutions and learning programs to suit your needs and get you successful results. 

Ultimately, enabling Your Success confirms Our Success...

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